What dietary supplements should I take to increase my chances of getting pregnant?

Eating a well-balanced diet can obtain almost all the nutrients you need during pregnancy. However, the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence recommends that women add two extra vitamins to their diet around conception (NICE).

A B-vitamin is a folate (the natural form of folic acid). It naturally occurs in seafood, dairy products, dark green leafy vegetables, and other foods. In the UK, low folate levels are typical, and if they increase during pregnancy, they can harm unborn children and cause them to be born prematurely or with congenital disabilities. The most frequent abnormalities of low folate levels are neural tube diseases, including spina bifida.

In the UK, it is advised that all women take 400ug of folic acid eight weeks before conception and continue to do so for the duration of their pregnancies, up to a maximum of 12 weeks. This ensures enough folic acid is available from the beginning until the neural tube closes.

Is drinking acceptable while trying to get pregnant?

According to the studies, pregnant women should abstain from alcohol. Alcohol crosses the placenta and circulates in the mother’s bloodstream until it reaches the fetus. This could endanger the child and raise the possibility of abnormal births. Avoid drinking while trying to conceive because it could take a few weeks to confirm a pregnancy.

pieces of couscous and salmon

This quick Sunday or midweek meal using salmon is ideal.

Omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in salmon. Before and after birth, the development of the brain requires omega-3 fatty acids, like those in fish.

According to significant, lengthy research involving more than 12,000 mothers in the UK, children of women who consumed less than twelve ounces of fish per week were more likely to perform in the lowest quarter on verbal IQ tests. Additionally, they performed worse on communication, social development, and good motor skills tests.

It is impossible to emphasize the value of nutrition in preconception care. With a fertility diet plan, you can develop healthy eating practices and prepare your body for conception.

A fertility diet is made to increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help keep your body’s systems functioning, including your reproductive system.

It’s advisable to keep a healthy BMI when trying to conceive. A well-balanced diet and regular exercise can help one reach a healthy BMI, which is neither too high nor too low. It would be best if you tried maintaining a healthy BMI when trying to conceive. Try not to be unduly anxious or hard on yourself if your BMI is high. You’ll need the right help if you want to succeed with weight loss because it can be difficult. Additionally, being underweight might be detrimental to fertility. If you have a low BMI, your periods might become more irregular or stop altogether.

motives for eating

If you need more encouragement to start leading a better lifestyle, we have several posts on the subject. See our suggestions for fertility exercises, or if yoga is more your thing, check out our illustrated guide to fertility yoga asanas.

Around the time of conception, a woman’s diet can affect the development of her unborn child. During the first few months of pregnancy, the building blocks for organ and tissue development are laid; this is a crucial time for action. Because the mother’s blood serves as the growing fetus’ primary source of nutrition at this time, a deficiency in some nutrients may have an impact on the baby’s health.

Optimizing your diet before and during pregnancy is crucial to ensure the best outcome for you and your unborn child.

How should a fertility diet plan be created?

A healthy preconception diet is built on balance. This isn’t a crash diet; the goal isn’t just to lose weight; it’s also to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to prepare for a healthy pregnancy. You might want to put more of these on your plate, as a few meals may increase your fertility.